Homestead Fund

Hello All!!! I started this fundraiser in hopes to change lives and inspire along the way! Starting a sustainable community homestead has been a dream of mine for a few years now. With your help I plan on purchasing a property of up to 10 acres, preferably with a water source. This will be a start from scratch situation where everyone involved will have to commit to build from the ground up. I want to use as much recycled material as possible for construction of housing and greenhouses, farming, etc.. I also want to Gift at least a deeded acre of the property to 3 different people, couples,single parents or new families. In addition to the homestead I would also like to dedicate a portion of the property to build bunkhouses for free summer camp/ wilderness skill building/ trade skills for underserved youth. I want this community to serve as a blueprint of what “could be” if we come together and work as one. And I also want to make this a interactive experience for everyone involved. Meaning I think we should run a contest and do a voting system for who should get a free acre. I will be fully transparent throughout the entire process from the purchasing of the property to the completion of the homestead, receipts included. I’ll be filming the entire process as well, from walking potential properties to the construction of the structures on the property. FAQ- Location of Homestead: I’m pretty set Maine where the laws are more suitable for homesteading, preferably close to the Appalachian Trail!  Help me change some lives and shift the paradigm!!! Love & Light to All!!!❤️